“A program that will show our common position.”

Mr. Hidayet Oğuzhan, President of the International Union of the East Turkestan Organizations, one of the organizers of the International Uyghur Forum, shared his thoughts on the purpose and importance of the program:
“Today, millions of people in East Turkestan are subjected to genocide simply because of their ethnicity and beliefs, as victims of China’s political, economic and ideological interests. In the report on the ongoing human rights violations in East Turkestan published by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, it is explained that all the violations that China is practicing in East Turkestan are targeting the native peoples of that region on the basis of ethnic and belief discrimination under the pretense of war against terrorism and extremism. 
Today, it has become an undeniable fact that a genocide is taking place in East Turkestan, that innocent people are being subjected to death and torture in different magnitudes, and that living conditions are getting worse by the day. When we look at all of these, in the 73 years of China’s occupation of East Turkestan, China has constantly implemented assimilation policies against the people of East Turkestan under different pretexts and dimensions, has committed massacres, and today it is practicing genocide at even higher levels. The International Uyghur Forum, which we will organize on November 9-10, will bring together politicians, activists, non-governmental organizations, academics, lawyers and reporters who act in the political, social, economic and media fields to stop the genocide in East Turkestan, and it will be a program where they will bring forth common wisdom and methods, and take a common stance around universal humanitarian principles to stop the genocide in question. I invite everyone to fully support it and say this with full confidence that the International Uyghur Forum will achieve the goals we have put ahead of ourselves.”